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Wisdom Tree Arkade Prototype

Wisdom Tree is Creating a Plug-and-Play Loaded with their NES Classics

Wisdom Tree, a video game company known for their string of biblical-themed NES games, is back with a new plug and play console. Collectors of the Nintendo Entertainment System are...

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Sega logo

This Sega Training Documentary Will Teach You All About Testing Games in the 90s

Ever wanted to know how the people who tested your favorite Sega games in the 90s were trained? This training video will at least explain why Sega was the epitome of rad 90s cornin...

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It’s All Coming Back To Me: Retro Game Remix Vol. 2 Review

Confession time: I haven’t played half of the games featured on this album. But that didn’t matter. Each song made me feel like I had played that game. It brought me in...

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Retro Fighters Develops A Next Generation NES Controller

The Nintendo Entertainment System has been around for over 30 years. Its gaming legacy is cemented in each of our gamer souls. And with every influential system comes an influentia...

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Twenty Years of Fun With Pokémon!

I can’t believe it has been twenty years since Pokémon first made its debut. I remember it like it was yesterday. Capturing strange creatures, battling others and stopping a...

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Kanye West Titles Next Album “TurboGrafx-16” (For Now)

If you haven’t lived under a rock the last few weeks, chances are you’ve seen rapper, Kanye West, on the news. Last night, he continued his Tweet barrages with a shout-...

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Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention: Gaming For a Cause

It’s no secret that retro gaming has enjoyed a resurgence amongst nostalgic adults and a new generation of classic game enthusiasts. With popularity of the hobby booming, no...

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Bringing the Past to Life with The New 8-Bit Heroes Trailer

The New 8-Bit Heroes documentary has just released the first trailer for their upcoming film. The story follows filmmaker Joe Granato on his quest to create a brand new Nintendo E...

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