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Easy to Learn Hard to Master Nolan Bushnell

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: An Atari Story

In the late 70s, Atari was the company to beat. Their ingenuity and innovation not only took Silicon Valley by storm, but the world soon after. At the heart of the boom, Nolan Bush...

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World 1-1

Exploring The Pioneers of the Video Game Industry with World 1-1!

The history of video games is long, rocky, and complicated. Many people often overlook the era before Nintendo. An era that paved the way for an entire industry. The triumphs and m...

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Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.27.35 AM

Retro Chats: Round 2 with the Director of Nintendo Quest!

A few months ago I found out about an awesome project that I just had to share with all of you. In one of our first interviews, I talked to Rob McCallum of the new film, Nintendo Q...

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The New 8 Bit Heroes

Retro Chats: The New 8-Bit Heroes

Anyone in the retro gaming community has heard the term “homebrew” at some point.¬†Whether you are a fan of them or not, you can definitely appreciate the hard work and...

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Retro Chats: Crossroads Reviews

Crossroads Reviews has become one of the most promising retro gaming channels on YouTube. We previously featured the channel in our first ever “Undersubbed!” article. I...

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Retro Chats: An Interview with The NES Club!

We (metaphorically) sat down with the minds behind The NES Club documentary to get some burning questions answered about the upcoming film. We also got to hear a little bit about t...

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Retro Chats: An Interview with Super Derek!

So, if you read my last article you already know about an awesome YouTube channel called Super Derek. We have a treat today! I reached out to him recently and was able to ask a few...

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