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Nintendo Quest Review – Finding Inspiration in NES

It takes an exceptional film to inspire someone. It takes an exceptionally powerful film, however, to evoke action. Nintendo Quest is an exceptionally powerful film. And after watc...

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Fusion Store: A Retro Gamer’s Pocket Guide to eBay Deals

Part of being a collector of retro video games is the constant struggle to find good deals. Even if you’re cheap like myself, there comes a time where you realize you wonR...

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Reliving The Past With Replay Amusement Museum

It was my first time ever playing an original Neo Geo arcade cabinet. I selected one of my all-time favorites, Metal Slug. I was halfway through the first level when I hear the so...

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Retro On The Go Mobile: Lightning Fighter 2

Isn’t technology crazy? Virtually everyone today carries a device in their pocket that can play games, music, movies, browse the internet, oh, and it also makes phone calls. ...

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Johnny’s Super Awesome Best Game Played in 2014!

A lot of people have been making these “best games of 2014” lists. We at Retro Dustbin decided to take a different spin on it. We wanted to talk about our top games of ...

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A Cinematic Experience: Indigo Prophecy

About a year ago, I borrowed Heavy Rain from Jarrod. I had heard about it, but never had a chance to play it because I didn’t have a PS3. Once I bought one, after I played Th...

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Manichaean Worlds: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Overview

I’ve made it through part two of the Metroid Prime Trilogy! This was a significantly bigger game than the original and it took me about 19 hours to beat it with 80% of the fi...

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Super Smash Bros. 3DS: Early Demo Impressions!!!

Here I thought I would have nothing to do today. I was just about ready to buckle down and get some work done. I opened up my email and guess what I saw! A message from Club Nint...

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