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NECROCOSMOS – The Metroidvania Kickstarter Goes Live

Necrocosmos header art

Necrocosmos: there is no god up here is a Metroidvania-type action game set in the distant future. You control Max Weaver, a bounty hunter exploring the galaxy on his ship, Atila-1.

The game focuses heavily on exploration. Every player will begin their adventure on a different star map that is fully explorable. And while each planet has been individually designed, their placements will be randomly generated. This will keep each player’s experience unique. Exploring new planets will help your Galaxy Investigation, and ultimately, bring you one step closer to completing your mission. Planet exploration plays out as an action-platformer stylized with an 8-bit aesthetic. Planets contain their own plots that can be uncovered through diary entries, secrets, and clues.

Exploring an ice planet - NecrocosmosExploring a red planet - Necrocosmos

At the core of your planetary exploration is your DNA-gun. This is a powerful weapon that allows you to combine the DNA of different enemies to create new, powerful shots. These shots are not only great for taking down enemies, but also aid in exploration. There are dozens of combinations to unlock and learning to adapt them to the environment you are in will make for challenging and rewarding experiences.

Using the DNA-Gun - Necrocosmos


When traveling between planets, you’ll be able to ride on your spaceship, Atila-1. These stages play like classic vertical-scrolling shooters. Different factors play into the length and difficulty of the stages, so much like planetary exploration, each playthrough will offer a unique experience for players.

Vertical shooter - Necrocosmos

Andromeda Project, the company behind the game, has included extensive details about gameplay, lore, art, and more on their Kickstarter page. The project has also been Greenlit on Steam. The expected release date is late 2018, but backers will receive early access to play planets as they are completed. Check out the full list of Kickstarter rewards.

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