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FanFit Gaming Looks To Capture Our Favorite Gaming Experiences With Handmade Products

Fan Fit Gaming

Anyone in the middle of renovating their game room will want to take a look at what FanFit Gaming has to offer. They sell a collection of awesome handmade gaming merchandise. This includes a variety of accessories, apparel, and their signature neon lights.

The Toronto-based company opened its digital doors in 2017 by Founder Rob Green.

“Whether you’re a Twitch streamer, E-Sports pro, casual competitor, a n00b, or simply a video game lover, we’re taking the experience you love off screen and into your home,” explains Rob. “We strive to capture the love for some of our favorite gaming moments and experiences through our product.”

And with growing gamer communities and “nerd culture” they hit the scene at the perfect time. Each product provides a unique addition to a decked out game room, bedroom, or even office!

FanFit Gaming Overwatch Products

Overwatch fans should definitely check this site out as it’s clear to see the influence of the popular online FPS in their product line.

You can take a look at their entire selection at Be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up with all of their announcements as well!

P.S. This is their mascot, Remy. If you needed one more reason to get yourself a neon light, JUST LOOK AT DAT LIL FACE!

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