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Pioneer Interactive Narrative-Adventure Game Translated for Sega Genesis


Moving Adventure Psy-O-Blade has been brought to the Sega Genesis by retro video game company, Cartridge Arcade. After an intital launch on Nintendo Age, the company is ready to push the rest of their limited edition copies on their site! Limited to 100 copies, gamers can choose their copy’s number on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Moving Adventure Psy-O-Blade was originally developed for the Sega Megadrive in Japan by company, T&E Soft. Psy-O-Blade has gained a cult following over the years as it was discovered to be a pioneer in the action narrative genre inspiring future classics like Policenauts and Snatcher. The game has, thankfully, since been translated for western audiences to enjoy. Original ROM hacker and translator, Tryphon and Elen Ni Hen, gave permission and input during Cartridge Arcade’s development.

This is the most complete, translated version of this game you will find. Sci-fi survival horror fans will become truly engrossed in this familiar setting set in deep space. 

Each copy of the limited edition release will come with:

  • Individually numbered Limited Edition stickers (1-100) where available
  • High-quality, full-color manual
  • Custom clear Sega Genesis shell casing
  • Original Genesis inspired slipcover and insert for keeping the cartridge and manual secure
  • Built to work on your Sega Genesis, Genesis 3, Retron 3, and Retron 5 gaming systems

Copies can be purchased on the Cartridge Arcade website. Cartridge Arcade specializes in selling physical carts of translations, homebrews, and more. They even sell apparel and other goodies. You can also give them a follow on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all of their new releases. 

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