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Wisdom Tree is Creating a Plug-and-Play Loaded with their NES Classics

Wisdom Tree Arkade Prototype

Wisdom Tree, a video game company known for their string of biblical-themed NES games, is back with a new plug and play console. Collectors of the Nintendo Entertainment System are likely to have heard of Wisdom Tree. Many of their games have become collectors pieces with fans. Several, like Sunday Funday, can even go for a pretty penny retail.

The plug and play, dubbed “The Arkade,” features seven built-in ports of their NES games. The full list is:

The plug and play takes the shape of an NES controller, so anyone can easily pick up and play. It’s aimed at being easy to learn for new players, while letting veterans feel right at home.

Wisdom Tree is taking their project to Kickstarter to raise funds to produce their console. They are also offering digital and physical rewards, like Super Noah’s Ark 3D on PC. Some stand-out rewards include a physical SNES re-release of Super Noah’s Ark, an early-bird version of The Arkade, and NES and Genesis multicarts.

Several stretch goals are set as well. These include porting Super Noah’s Ark 3D to Genesis and Dreamcast. If the project reaches $350,000, Wisdom Tree will also attempt to produce an animated feature based on Super Noah’s Ark 3D.

You can learn more and back this project on Wisdom Tree’s Kickstarter.

Fun Fact: You can still purchase instruction manuals for some of Wisdom Tree’s NES games on their website.

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