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Retrocity Episode 1: Sonic the Hedgehog


He’s a familiar blue hedgehog to every gamer. He’s part of an elite group of gaming mascots that have become household names. He was a staple to many childhoods and a disappointment to many of those same children in recent years. How can such a beloved character fall from grace? What could have set him up for failure? Could it have been Mr. “Gotta Go Fast” himself? Retrocity looks to answer these questions in their very first episode. You don’t want to miss this unique look at one of gaming’s most popular characters.

Welcome to Retrocity! The show that waits for your childhood in a back alley and robs it of its nostalgia! Wow that sounded darker than I intended… Join retrocity as we take a critical look at your favorite childhood games and hopefully clean off those nostalgia colored glasses just little bit.

Oh, and it’s pronounced like retro atrocity. Not retro city.

Johnny grew up sharing NES, Genesis, and Playstation games with his older brother. His first personal system was the Nintendo 64. After regaining most of his old games, he began to expand his collection. Eventually, his mission became to collect anything and everything retro related.