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Gaming Art Spotlight: Sleepy Super Mario Enemy Stickers


Oh man, I have a thing for the cute and tiny.  And what’s cuter than stickers? Well, maybe tiny figurines, but stickers are a close second!

I was in the mood to draw some Super Mario enemies after playing some New Super Mario Bros U. Blooper was all up on my grill in a water level and I just couldn’t get him off my tail. Despite being an annoying bugger, I think we can all agree that Blooper is a cute annoying bugger.


I started with just a bunch of doodles and scribbles, along with a few color tests. With my limited library of Prismacolors, I stuck to about 10 colors to keep the palette cohesive. I redrew my doodles lightly with pencil on a large sheet of bristol paper and went over it with my my Prismacolors!


Here’s where the magic happened: the sticker part. I scanned the image into 2 parts, at 600 DPI (to get all the yummy crisp lines). Played around in Photoshop to get a layout that wasn’t too cramped and saved the file as a PDF. I went to a local print shop to have them printed on sticker paper. I also had them laminated to get that glossy look and voila!


They’re just too cute.

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Growing up with just a Nintendo 64, Stephanie enjoyed playing her little game library. And although she isn’t an avid game collector, she still loves a chance to kick someone’s butt in Diddy Kong Racing.

She is also an artist.