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The Art of The Uncharted Trilogy: Overview


The Uncharted trilogy is one of my top fave game series, undoubtedly. So when I found out that a concept art book for the trilogy was in production last year, I was beyond ready. It only adds more excitement for the final installment, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Originally set to release this year, Uncharted 4 was pushed back until the spring of 2016. Although I may not have a PS4 right now, you bet your ass I’m getting this game.

Overall, this book is well organized, well designed – just all out fantastic to me!The book is divided into the three games, which are then further divided by character sheets, environments, and unused ideas/extra content. I already went in and added tabs to the compositions that I really love.

The gems for me, though, are the in-process works. The gritty preliminary drawings is where you can see the problem-solving in the design. The story shines through these little details. Like, the recurring themes of the earth conquering ancient man-made architectures and the foreshadowing of hidden evils lurking. Those are crucial to telling the story without explicitly telling the story.


As an artist, I appreciate all the extensive research and numerous studies needed to create these interactive characters and environments. You only get to experience the story through the games, but in this book you see only a fraction of the hard work poured into them! How amazing is that?

Yes, I’m geeking out.

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