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Weekly Playlist: April 17th, 2015


Hello fellow dustbiners! Was anyone else taken by surprise about the announcement that GameStop is going to try getting into the retro game market? Personally, I’m all for supporting local retro stores. But this might be a good way to get more people into those local stores that have the stock GameStop just can’t supply. Let us know what your favorite local retro game store is in the comments after taking a look at what we’ve been playing this week!



  • Bloodbourne (PS4)
  • Dark Souls (PC)
  • Demon’s Souls (PS3)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (PC)
  • League of Legends (PC)
  • Super Smash Bros (Wii U)
  • Warframe (PC)




  • Earthbound (Wii U)
  • Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)
  • Pokemon Shuffle (3DS)
  • Project X Zone (3DS)
  • Super Smash Brose (Wii U)




  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U)
  • Dragon’s Lair (3DO)
  • Super Smash Bros (Wii U)







  • Fallout: New Vegas (PC)
  • Mass Effect 2 (PC)
  • Mortal Kombat X (One)
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PC)
  • Zoo Tycoon (One)


  • Battlefield: Hardline (One)



  • Diddy Kong Racing (N64)
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U)
  • Dragon’s Lair (3DO)
  • Super Smash Bros (Wii U)
Jarrod’s first console was a Playstation back in 1997 and has been gaming ever since. After years of being stupid and selling most of his games and consoles, he started game collecting in 2013. His main focus is the original Playstation but is interested in most consoles. Between gaming and his record collection it’s almost guaranteed that he’s going to be poor.