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Retro Chats: Round 2 with the Director of Nintendo Quest!

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A few months ago I found out about an awesome project that I just had to share with all of you. In one of our first interviews, I talked to Rob McCallum of the new film, Nintendo Quest. The quest follows two longtime friends as one is challenged to complete an NES collection in one month without using the internet. With the start of the new year, they recently announced their new Kickstarter project and I wanted to chat with director Rob McCallum to find out more!

First, check out their second trailer for the film:

Retro Dustbin: What are the goals for your newest Kickstarter venture?

Rob McCallum: It’s a wild rush to be back on Kickstarter and we’re only a few days in! This time around we’re looking for some last minute help with finishing funds but more importantly we’re letting folks pre-order and reserve a copy of our film on Blu Ray or DVD. We’ve had a number of talks with several distributors and it’s clear that they want to go purely digital or steaming with this release, which we understand – but the physical object and artifact is so crucial to the theme of this film that we would be remised to not offer it. By using Kickstarter, even though there are fees, we get to avoid any overhead and stockpile of discs. It’s sorta like on-demand disc printing for all the fans, both long time NES Clubbers and newly discovered Nintendo Questers!

RD: It seems like it went off without a hitch! Looks like you’re already aiming for stretch goals. What can we expect if those get reached?

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Rob: To be honest, we’re humbled and shocked by the outpouring of support for this film. We’ve run out of some rewards already that include replica NES boxes and carts due to demand and might try to re-stock those shortly! We’ve got 3 stretch goals and already hit our first and well on our way to the second. The first one was triggered when we hit 100 backers and that gave everyone who pledged $25 or more a FREE copy of our 8-Bit Soundtrack on cassette tape! It’s a nice vintage token of the era that inspired the film. The Next Stretch goal triggers when we reach $10,000 in funding – and we’re already really close! When that occurs, we will give everyone that selected a disc-based reward a special supplemental disc of extra bonus features not included in any of our existing special editions. So share those links, tell your friends and we ALL benefit!

RD: You and Jay must be on lock down when it comes to talking about his NES collection. Has it been hard keeping a lid on things while the film wraps up?

Rob: More so for Jay than I, I think. You gotta remember, we shot in the summer of 2013 and here we are in 2015!!! So every time he’s had friends over, he hasn’t allow them to go in certain rooms, because they contain his collection. It’s no secret that he acquired a lot of games – but how many? Which ones? Everyone still wants to know if he got them all! It’s great! As the director of the film, as much as I’m playing up big “end-game” questions, I’ve been tasked with making a film that’s timeless and I think I’ve crafted a story with my team that will encourage repeat viewings and hit home with gamers and non-gamers alike.

NQ screen cap

RD: Last time we chatted, you were wrapping up the film and bringing it to editing. How has the filming and editing process been?

Rob: Awesome. It’s the best to create and cut different sequences together, even if they don’t make it into the film in their initial form – that’s what bonus discs are for! HINT! HINT!

RD: It must be a blast promoting the film at conventions and stores. How have you been received by people in the retro community?

Rob: Gamers, overall, get a bad wrap but I’ve never felt more welcomed than I have with this film, it’s production, and it’s on-going promotion. There are so many cool and rad people out that and it’s wicked every time I get to meet a new gamer. PC or console, Nintendo or Sega, it doesn’t matter. We like to game, talk about gaming, and more. Jay and I always say it’s the people that matter and the gamers are just the glue that bring all of us together. It’s true and one thing that the film shows remarkably well.

RD: I’ve been enjoying your podcast ever since I found out about it! Seems like you have fun with it. What other side projects are you guys involved in?

Rob: GamerCast is a nice bi-weekly escape though after some episodes I feel like I need to get a medical check-up because it can get heated at times, but all in a  fun loving and good way. I don’t know how producer Glenn Stanway (#SaveGlenn) tolerates us every other week but he’s been a great addition to the core team. I don’t feel sorry for Jay though. He survived a summer with me so he knew what he was getting into with a podcast that explores the same themes as the film and more.

As far as other side projects, I’m already editing my next feature length doc on Lost Loved Ones or Missing People called “Missing Mom.” I set out, on the road again, to find out what happened to my Mom who’s been missing from my family for almost 25 years – and found her! It’s definitely a case where truth is stranger than fiction and I can’t wait to share that trailer with people in another Kickstarter project, later this year.
RD: We’re all just dying to know! When can we expect to see the finished product?
Rob: Well, I guess we have to release this film at some point, huh? I can say, with certainty, that we will release this year. Ha! Just kidding. We have screenings already planned for June and beyond but expect this to go wide with a digital release by October 2015 to coincide with 30 years of NES in America. Funny how these things work out, huh?
Thanks Rob for taking the time to chat with us, again!
Well, I am just as excited as ever to see the final results. You can check out their Kickstarter page here to secure a physical copy of the film. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well to keep up with updates on the film!
Until next time, gamers,
Johnny grew up sharing NES, Genesis, and Playstation games with his older brother. His first personal system was the Nintendo 64. After regaining most of his old games, he began to expand his collection. Eventually, his mission became to collect anything and everything retro related.