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Retro Chats: An Interview with Super Derek!

So, if you read my last article you already know about an awesome YouTube channel called Super Derek. We have a treat today! I reached out to him recently and was able to ask a few questions about him and his channel.

RD: What was the inspiration behind your channel?

SD: I was originally inspired by Pro Jared. I really appreciated the sincerity that came through in his reviews. When making my first review, he was the guy I was striving to be like. I fell utterly short, but that’s where my cross-hairs were. In later episodes I drew inspiration from others including MattPat from Game Theory, Roo from Clan of the Grey Wolf, and Mark from Classic Game Room. As an artist I find that I learn best through imitation, and that was what I did when trying to figure out my style and find my voice. Another reason I started my show was because it was a way to sort of force myself to actually finish games. I beat every game at least once before reviewing it. That’s because I sometimes get too wound up in the games where it just overwhelms me. Sometimes I just have so much going on outside of the games that I forget to play. But making a game review is sort of a commitment that I make to myself and to my viewers.

RD: .Finishing games is one of the inspirations for starting this site! Do you have a favorite game?

SD: Choosing favorite games is always sort of difficult for me. It changes from week to week or even day to day. But usually the same games are in rotation. The Mother series, the Soul Blazer series, the Chrono series… Today, my favorite is Terranigma. The idea of restoring a world from desolation just appeals to me for some reason. That’s one of the reasons I liked the Dark Cloud series so much too.

RD: It looks like you have a bright future ahead for your show. What are your long term goals?

SD: My long-term goal for my show is kind of open-ended. I think it would be really cool if this eventually opened a door for being a legitimate gaming journalist, but what I think I really want is to discover and learn to love new games I haven’t played before, and to make some friends while doing it, like I have become friends with Wood from BeatEmUps doing a collaboration with The Game Quest. Short term, my goal is to review the remaining games in the Breath of Fire series.

I’d love to see more of those Breath of Fire reviews. Good luck with your show! I definitely look forward to watching more.


Johnny grew up sharing NES, Genesis, and Playstation games with his older brother. His first personal system was the Nintendo 64. After regaining most of his old games, he began to expand his collection. Eventually, his mission became to collect anything and everything retro related.