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Starbomb: More Video Game Themed Music


This is usually Jarrod’s thing, but I figured I’d post about Starbomb.

I love the Game Grumps and Awesome Series by Egoraptor. I’ve watched many hours of his goofy animated shorts and JonTron and his let’s plays. After Jon left, Arin found a new cohort in gaming. Ninja Sex Party’s very own, Danny Sexbang. (Not sure if that is his real last name, but I haven’t heard otherwise)

Ninja Sex Party was Danny’s big break, making stupid songs about nonsensical things like No Reason Boner, and If I Were Gay. To be honest, Danny is quite the vocalist, and Arin is a very good voice actor.

At first, I didn’t like Danny in the Game Grumps, but I grew to love his stupid jokes and when he broke into song for no reason, singing about exactly what was happening.

Just a few months ago, Arin and Danny created Starbomb. Starbomb is their love child of Arin’s love for video games and Danny’s singing talents. They’ve already released a full album and I’ve heard they plan to do more. Some songs include Luigi’s Ballad and I Choose You to Die.

The songs are really catch and fun. You should check them out. Here are some videos featuring the music and some of Arin’s animations to go along with them.

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