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Favorite Box Arts: Part Two


I absolutely love the cover art for Katamari Damacy. The simplicity of it is so stunningly beautiful. There would have been no better way to depict it than the way the artists did here: by letting the shapes and colors of each object stand for themselves without the need of a heavy outline that would otherwise offset the balance of the whole cover. This leaves the art light and easy to register.

What is also great about the composition is that it can be balanced with or without the logo. The logo was seamlessly integrated with the artwork. Just look at it! It’s so clean and crisp and bold against the dark blue of the sky in white. Because of that, the subtle contrast of the heavy weight of the logo against the light weight of the artwork adds to the unity of the cover art.

And the colors! Oh, the colors! The colors are so bold and saturated it’s hard not to be filled with all kinds of happy. I mean, just look at that rainbow – it screams happiness! (It’s important to note that the overall color scheme, dominated by variants of blues and greens, imply a calm and carefree time, but I can argue that the game is anything but.)

The thing that gets me the most about this cover are the cows in the foreground. They are completely oblivious to what is happening behind them! This purposely adds to the personality of the game, as does the random octopus that is almost as big as the Ferris wheel. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t need to.

All in all, this cover art accurately depicts what you are about to play: a wacky game about rolling things together into one giant ball.

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